Chances are you haven’t heard of us yet (that’s ok). Here you’ll find some common questions about PreShift that we’re happy to answer.
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What is PreShift?

PreShift is a workplace messaging app that makes life easier for restaurant and retail workers.

Stay in touch outside of work with instant messaging (to everyone or in a private message), coordinate shift changes (trade, pick up, give away) and manage your schedule directly from the app (no more sticky notes with your schedule scribbled down!).

Why do you need it?

While today we are a technology-driven team with extensive startup experience, we haven’t always been. Our team has worked at more restaurant and retail gigs that we’d prefer to admit. Something that was always frustrating was the lack of scheduling & communication tools that felt current with the technology that is available. Mobile devices allow everything to be at our fingertips, but there is still a huge void when looking at corporate versus other industries.

Our mission is to create a happier workplace for employees & managers by leveraging technology.

Who uses it?

While coworkers in every industry can benefit from PreShift, right now we’re focusing on restaurants, bars and retail workplaces.

Coworkers: You will love it because:
1. It takes the hassle out of managing schedules and changing shifts. Trade, pick up or giveaway shifts directly from the app. Plus, managers can send your schedule digitally which syncs with the app’s calendar.

2. You now have a messaging app created just for you & your “work family.” While coordinating your schedule is helpful, you can also look at this as a private social network for your coworkers. Start conversations, share photos, plan the next after-work party... all without having to share your cell number!

3. With schedules changing around frequently, we know how easy it is to forget about a shift or clock-in time. Easily set reminders from the app that notify you when to leave for work- on all shifts or just the ones you picked up.

Managers: You will love it because:
1. Finding staff to fill open positions has never been easier. You can instantly send notifications to your team with one action. This could be company-wide for a mandatory staff meeting reminder or just to your servers to fill a shift last minute.

2. We will be integrating with your favorite scheduling software so you can easily send the staff their schedules via SMS or email. No more paper print-outs here :) Approving shift changes is a breeze and can also be done within the app (mobile or web).

3. With our Employee Happiness feature, you can send feedback surveys to get a full grasp on how the morale is across the board. These can even be submitted anonymously if you wish, kind of like a digital suggestion box. In addition, your team will grow closer by having a messaging app created just for them.

How much does it cost?

For employees, PreShift will always be FREE!

Owners and managers start free, but will have the option for premium offerings that are included for a small monthly fee.

What devices can I use?

PreShift works on mobile devices running iOS and Android, along with a web version that is accessible from any computer.

How can I help?

Well I’m glad you asked! We are currently testing the platform privately but will be opening up more invites soon. You can join the waiting list (below) so we can notify you the minute we’re ready. You can also take a quick survey that helps us understand how the product will help you- and what features are most important.

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“A communication app created for non-corporate workplaces is a total gap in the market.”