Trading Shifts Has Never Been Easier.

We're changing the way restaurant and retail coworkers communicate outside of work.

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What is PreShift?

A free workplace messaging app that makes life easier for restaurant and retail workers. Stay in touch outside of work, coordinate shift changes and manage your schedule directly from the app.






Features You’ll Love

PreShift is for people like you- the people who work hard but not in an office environment. Communication and scheduling can take up your precious time, so we made this for you. The best part? IT’S FREE!


Changing Shifts is a Breeze

Easily trade, pick up or give away shifts directly through the app. Get an alert when both people have confirmed, and then either submit it in person or via the app to your manager to request approval. Easy right?

Beautiful Instant Messaging

Send messages to the entire team or a private message to someone you’re working out a trade with. This is a custom built application with restaurant & retail workers in mind- not a hacked Facebook Group.

Manage Your Schedule

Stop searching for the paper with your schedule scribbled down. Add your shifts in the app’s calendar to make trading super easy. Your manager can even send a schedule & automatically sync with your calendar!

Made for Your “Work Family”

You can look at this as a private social network for your work family. Connect with coworkers about upcoming shifts, ask questions about work or even just to talk about where everyone’s going to hang out after close.

Be Mysterious

Duh, security & privacy are important to us too! Your digits are safe with us, so you can choose to share your cell number in the directory or only allow people to contact you through the app.

Accessible Everywhere

Your messages and shift changes are a touch away using mobile apps for iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android. We will also be launching a web version of the platform so you can login from any computer.

Never Miss a Shift

Whether this is your only job or you’re juggling multiple gigs, we know you can relate. Opt in to get reminders before all shifts, or just the ones that you picked up. We can keep you on track as much as you’d like :)

Smart Notifications

Our app is smart and won’t bug you unless we have to. Notifications are easy to customize so you only get alerts that are important to you. Shift requests, last-minute announcements, staff meeting reminders, etc.
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Features Managers Will Love

PreShift isn’t just for employees- it’s a robust platform for increasing staff productivity, communication and overall morale across the board. Office-based teams have software like this, so why can’t you?


Instantly Contact Staff

Notify your staff last minute of urgent news or regarding shifts that need to be filled.

Approve Shift Changes

Approve or disapprove shift change requests from your team, all from the web or mobile app.

Build a Better Culture

Your employees will grow more like a “work family” by having their own messaging app.

Happier Staff

Our in-app surveys capture anonymous feedback to measure staff happiness.

Fill Jobs Quicker

Send open jobs to your staff’s phones, where it's easily shared to their social networks.

Text Schedule to Staff

We’re working on integrations with scheduling software so you can text staff their schedule.

“A communication app created for non-corporate workplaces is a total gap in the market.”

Are you ready?